Testimonials > 2023 TNT Muscle Showdown


IFBB Pro Peyton Dutcher #85

1st Figure B
Overall Figure
Best in Presentation Aphrodite Iron Lore

Working with the team was an amazing opportunity. Their attention to detail, along with their talent left me with a flawless tan and glaze that I showcased on stage. It was a pleasure and I’m grateful to have had worked with muscle metamorphosis! 

Kristin Robinson #82

1st Masters Figure 35+
1st Figure C

This was my second Muscle Metamorphosis tanning experience and I wanted to let your team know how appreciated they all are.  In all my years competing at different venues across the country Muscle Metamorphosis is easily the most fun, accommodating, and friendly team I have personally experienced. The final product is flawless and easy to maintain throughout the day. I love the high energy and positive service from everyone on staff. Thank you for another great show day!! 

Kim Gramlich #75

1st Figure B
1st Masters Figure 45+
2nd Figure B

This is my second time using Muscle Metamorphosis for my competition tan, and I was even happier with the results. Both times I was amazed by the quality of the product used. It blended so nicely into my skin and didn’t come off on my Sleep Sack, but washed off beautifully, leaving my skin soft with a natural looking tan.  Even under the hot stage lights my tan did not falter. The staff was super professional as well. In the past, I would often feel awkward having someone spray tan me. This was not the case with Muscle Metamorphosis.  10/10 I would absolutely recommend!

Sam Al-Salih #11

2nd Masters Bodybuilding 40+
4th Heavyweight
1st Masters Classic 40+
2nd Classic C

Of behalf of myself and my Team I would like to say thank you for all the service that we received.  You guys are awesome 👌 Everything was organized and perfect, no delay or missed appointments.  We were lucky to have you side stage to do all this fantastic service.  My self and my team had such nice tanning service.  The team was super friendly and helpful and kept providing us with service until last minute. I have been competed more than 10 times, this time was really the best experience I had with the team.  I like how the team works with the athletes backstage and how they keep on eye on us to make sure everyone looks good on stage.   I would love to give you 10 ⭐️ or more if I could.  For sure I would love to see the team again in future with another show and more athletes.  Love and respect to all of the great team.   I will recommend to everyone that are looking for a tanning service, thank you again.    BigSam

Thanrajan Premakumaran #19

5th Middleweight
3rd Classic A

This is the second time I have had used your services and I must say that your staff were absolutely amazing, very professional and friendly. The whole procedure of getting tanned was smooth, precise and well done. Thank you to the team at Muscle Metamorphosis for their generous hospitality. 

Cody Grobowsky #28

1st True Novice Classic
1st Novice Classic
1st Classic C

I wanted to say thank you for the professional experience I had with Muscle Metamorphosis. This was my first time getting a spray tan.  They made me comfortable and the entire process was a breeze. 

Laura Welsch #105

2nd True Novice Bikini
2nd Novice Bikini
2nd Bikini D

My experience with Muscle Metamorphosis was a dream! The tanning experience was one for the books! The girls were so kind, friendly and welcoming. TNT was my very first bodybuilding competition so I didn’t know what to expect.  The tanning girls with Muscle Metamorphosis made the experience one to remember!

Jeremy Riopel #58

3rd Mens Physique A

This being my second time participating at a show, everything was simplified and all my questions were answered before I even had to ask. All information was available to me that I needed well ahead of time. This event was just pure fun.  I met a ton of cool, like-minded, friendly people, and had a lot of laughs. The day flew by so fast.   I woke up Sunday morning and couldn’t believe it was all over. Looking forward to next year, and coming back with an improved physique, and more confidence on stage. I know what I need to work on, and knowing TNT will be there for me next year, gives me a goal to chase. Honestly really looking forward to seeing all the athletes next year and hopefully more new faces.   Grateful for the whole opportunity and chance to improve.  

Janet Welch #104

4th Novice Bikini
4th Bikini Masters 45+
4th Bikini B

I had a wonderful experience and found it to be well organized and professionally done. All of the team helping with event were adept at their jobs.  I always felt welcomed and confident.  The tanning crew made me feel very comfortable and conducted themselves in a competent and respectful manner.

Kayde Eaton #43

1st MPD C
1st Classic B

I had a great tanning experience with muscle metamorphosis as my tan was nice and even on stage and blended well, on top of that if I ever needed touch ups they were right there and willing to help in a blink of an eye so it definitely made my experience very accommodating and of course rewarding! 

Braden Johnson #62

4th MPD D

I just want to say thank you for the service, kindness and awesome weekend! I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with the whole Muscle Metamorphosis team. From the excellent colour, to the professional service. Spray tans, especially those new to the sport or haven’t experienced one may be intimidating or a situation people don’t know how to feel in, but I can confidently say each of the team members who worked with me were very professional, respectful and made it an enjoyable experience all around! If you are ever competing and Muscle Metamorphosis is the host tanning company. Don’t think twice. Just book as fast as you can and you will be in good hands! Thanks again to the whole team!

Murray Trendiak #3

3rd True Novice Bodybuilding
3rd Novice Bodybuilding
4th Light Heavyweight

I had a fantastic time at TNT and the services from Muscle Metamorphosis was absolutely top notch. Super professional and friendly.  Definitely made a first timer feel welcome and comfortable.  

Corina Betournay #65

2nd Bodybuilding
3rd Women’s Physique
5th Figure

I had a fabulous experience!! My base Tan got pretty roughed up and the ladies had to work hard to even me out at touch ups before stage.    They made me look amazing and I appreciate all the extra effort they put into my tan.  These ladies are so much fun to work with and they’re very professional about everything. I had such a great show day! 

Lindsay Waluk #110

1st Bikini C
2nd Bikini Masters 35+

From the time of booking until the time I stepped off stage I had a wonderful experience. Being able to choose the time that worked for me for my tan was super. It made life a lot less hectic in those final days. Tanning can be a fairly intimidating experience for some, and I really feel that Muscle Metamorphosis really takes those awkward nerves and moments away. The entire crew are very welcoming, extremely professional, and efficient. My appointment was right on time, I was greeted with a pleasant smile and friendly face. The tan was applied perfectly and a lot of attention was put into making sure it was done right. I am not very easy on my tans, and I will say that I had no spots, marks, lines, patchiness or anything when I woke up the day of the show. The touch up coat before hitting the stage was quick and easy and again right on time. The staff were amazing and welcoming. The vibe in the tanning area was laid back and chill. Glazing and bikini bite went seamlessly. The stress of tan and everything involved was completely absolved by the wonderful crew with Muscle Metamorphosis. The pictures speak for themselves. The tan looked flawless on stage. Even backstage I overheard a few first-time competitors talking about how pleasant the experience of tanning was. My recommendation for stage tans is and will always be Muscle Metamorphosis. Oh and the powder you get dusted with after drying smells EPIC!!!!!!!!! I wanted to eat it. lol

Thanks for making my day extra amazing. .

Traci Fisher #73

5th Figure Masters 45+

I absolutely love love the tan.  The colour is the best 😊

The girls are super nice and supportive and reassuring.  I always have a great experience with this group of ladies 

Jacques Verville #14

4th Masters Bodybuilding
7th Heavyweight

This was my first time getting a spraytan not using a tanning solution at home three days out, twice a day, leading up to the show. The process was great with Muscle Metapmophosis, organized and even had a few laughs during the process.  That’s hard at six am for anyone. This was a come back show from a nasty little accident. The finale for me with 14 shows at 48. Thanks for making hit memorable. 

Amanda Riddell #66

1st Bodybuilding
2nd Women’s Physique

Muscle Metamorphosis…where to start! Your team went out of their way to make my feel comfortable. They talked me through the whole process. The tan…unbelievable! I felt so beautiful! With how busy the tanners were, I never felt rushed to get out.   Besides my wedding day, this is the most beautiful I have felt! Thank you for providing the best tanning experience! I felt amazing! 

Taylor Baker #97

5th Bikini True Novice
1st Bikini Jr.
4th Bikini D

I had the best first ever experience at TNT Muscle Showdown with Muscle Metamorphosis. They did a great job touching me up making sure my tan was perfect and this helped make for the PERFECT SHOW DAY! Such a great experience, can’t wait till next time! 

Joseph Carriedo #26

3rd True Novice Classic
2nd Novice Classic
2nd Class A

My experience with you guys was absolutely phenomenal!! You guys have such great passion and dedication to making your athletes look their best. You certainly did for me! I would love to use your services again in future competitions. 💯 percent!

Rhonda Tennant #72

1st Figure Masters 55+

The talented professionals at the tanning booths were amazing, courteous and friendly.   Great tan great memories and a few laughs along the way.

Quinton Kennedy #21

2nd Light Heavy

I was very happy and pleased with how well I was taken care of with my tan. They fixed what was needed and made sure everything was on point for when I stepped on stage.

Wes Arsenault #7

2nd Masters 60+ Bodybuilding

Tanning  with Muscle Metamorphosis was great the girls were extremely  friendly  and very concerned with how you looked.

Kevin Wu #60

1st MPD B

Muscle Metamorphosis made the tanning process very smooth and easy from the second to booking the tan, showing up, getting the tan, and getting touch ups on show day.  Each part of the process was very straight forward and had no questions. The staff were very friendly and you can tell they really cared about providing a good service. Thank you Muscle Metamorphosis for the tan and experience.

Audrey Lafleur #114

2nd Bikini B
5th master bikini

This was an experience of a lifetime as a comeback on stage after nearly 6 years. To achieve our best potential, we all need some training and direction and I’m so happy I found that into this sport. This show gave me an opportunity to embrace my self-confidence that I have gracely built during this journey.  Forever grateful for meeting new people and unlock new doors.  Thank you for putting an amazing FITNESS SHOW I will definitely be back.

Cassandra Dean #92

3rd Wellness A

You guys were so awesome to work with!!

Devin Doyer #64

6th MPD D

My experience with Muscle Metamorphosis has always been amazing, great smelling products as well as a quality tan! The women working the booths are always so friendly and helpful making the experience super easy and enjoyable! It makes you feel like you are part of a big fitness family!

Photo Credit, with Gratitude to: David Aboody @david_twixpix