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IFBB Pro Brittany Offers

I loved this tanning experience with MM! I’ve been getting tanned for bodybuilding shows for 5 years and I’m a bit uptight when it comes to my tan colour. MM made it easy to be prepared with the tan prep instructions to consistent communication leading up to the show and on show day.

It’s great when you can be backstage in a vulnerable position and be having a great time and laughing with other competitors and the tanners. My colour was perfect on stage and bronzed up my physique perfectly. I can say It was a great overall experience from the women working the tanning to the colour to the overall services. Great work!

Jessie Berns

The Muscle Metamorphosis team was extremely professional, friendly, and beyond helpful throughout the whole tanning experience. The color was beautiful and faded so nicely the following week. Thank you so much for everything- I can’t wait to do it again!

Avril Stead

The team at Muscle Metamorphosis was so amazing .. omg they made my experience at the TNT show so enjoyable backstage ♥️ not to mention the tan, it was on point 👉 I’m very very happy with the service that was provided and the tan 🤩🤩 thank you to everyone who helped out .. you guys rock 👊👊💯💯

thanks guys 🤗🤗🤗

Nicole Berube

Hi Muscle Metamorphosis !

I would just like to thank you for the friendly and positive environment which was had at TNT2022. Over my competition career I have been tanned by many many different companies and yours is definitely the one I would request!

The team was well organized and communicated well with each other and the competitors. Cautious and communication with my comfort during the tan so I was aware of positions I needed to be in while being tanned.

The colour and texture were great! It didn’t smell!!!! It wasn’t sticky after I dried. I particularly love the powdering underarms and behind the knees after the tan! Lovely!!!

Touch ups, glaze, gluing were all done great and efficiently.

I would very much recommend this company.

Caroline Johnson

I would like to express extreme gratitude to the Muscle Metamorphosis spray tan team! Thank you for bringing all my hard work to the forefront on competition day.  Touch ups and sheen where available and amazing too.

Duško Stojanov

You guys were great! Everyone was super friendly and fun to talk to. You were very organized getting us all tanned and making sure we were dry before we could leave. The tan looked amazing. The color was awesome. Even my wife commented saying this was the best spray tan I’ve ever received. She said I didn’t look like a Oompa Loompa. Haha.

Brianna Maurice

I had an amazing experience with Muscle Metamorphosis. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as this was my first competition but the ladies in the spray tents were a pleasure to work with. Everything was extremely well organized and the team was really available the entire day to continuously touch up my tan. I think the bikini girls really need a great company like this one.  Going on the stage last to perform leaves many hours in between to wreck the tan lol. Thank you for keeping it just as beautiful as when it was fresh. 

Christine Bogle

The show was amazing! A lot of work, not just for the athletes prepping but also to all the organizers and people who put it together! Thank you! Having the perfect tan makes all the difference. I was the first girl to be sprayed by Muscle Metamorphosis that day. They were super professional and friendly and definitely got the good vibes flowing. I was concerned that I wasn’t dark enough and they assured me that they would take care of me and they did! It was no problem going back for a second coat to make it perfect. The whole experience was amazing!

Bethany Miller

TNT was my first show and Muscle Metamorphosis was incredible at answering all of my questions and making sure I looked my best with multiple touch-ups throughout the day, including a last-minute touch up on my glutes before I stepped on stage for finals that I hadn’t even noticed! I also purchased the sleep sac and I’m so glad I did! It was easy to use and lightweight to pack for the weekend.
Thanks again for everything, the team was amazing!

Leanne Hogan

Thanks to Muscle Metamorphosis for the best tan ever! Always professional, friendly, encouraging, and made us feel comfortable and relaxed on our busy day. Can’t thank you enough!

Terry Cormier

Amazing service and great color!!

Kristin Robinson

This was a gorgeous tan and easy to look after, best show colour I’ve ever had. The ladies spraying were absolutely awesome!
Thank you for helping make the day even more amazing:)

Jennifer Reese

My experience with Muscle Metamorphosis was amazing start to finish. All the ladies working there were super friendly and helpful even during the stressful times.

My tan was amazing! The color and how even it was put on, to how well it stayed on with very little to almost no touch up needed. I would highly recommend their tanning and products. I bought the body shower soap and tan extender. My tan after 2x showering was still a beautiful gold.

Thank you so much for all you and your helpers did! A wonderful experience shared with wonderful people.

Devin Doyer

My experience was amazing. Everything was well organized and fast, even when things were falling behind! I did not have a bad experience! The girls were super friendly and made it easy to get in and get out!
And of course the tan looked flawless!

Warren Babe

I was very happy with my tan. Color was great, touch ups were always available and the team was very accommodating and friendly.

Photo Credit, with Gratitude to: David Aboody @david_twixpix