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Jeff Magnuson, Overall Men’s Physique

I My experience with Muscle Metamorphosis was nothing short of amazing! They were friendly, very organized, fun, and made my tanning session as enjoyable as possible. The colour they used worked perfectly to highlight my hard work on stage. They were very quick to supply touch ups as needed and used just the right amount of sheen to make my muscles pop. We all know the importance of colour and quality of a stage tan and how it can literally make or break your placing. After my experience, I have full confidence that they will supply great results at any show for any competitor they work on.

Thanks Muscle Metamorphosis for the great experience!

Brandi Smith, Overall Figure

I’ve had my fair share of spray tans through various competitions and Muscle Metamorphosis products & tanners are exceptional. All of the tanning staff were very professional and encouraging, I felt secure knowing that they would take care of my tan and ultimately keep my show day stress free (there is so much going on, on a show day that the last thing you want to worry about is a bad tan). The tan color itself was absolute perfection, it dried well and maintained an even color. I am very pleased with their services, product, and staff. I look forward to using them again in the future! <3
Have a beautiful day!

Lui Zappitelli, Overall Bodybuilding

My experience with Muscle Metamorphosis was amazing from beginning to end. They did a great job with my tan and allowed me to showcase my physique to the best of my ability leading me to the overall title. Thank you for the amazing tan!

Kim Gramlich

I have competed in more than 14 figure competitions over the years and have had many times used the services of the official backstage tanners. I have also reluctantly done my own tan using products that claim to be user-friendly when services were not available. I am sure I have tried almost every stage tan product! I have never thought to do a testimonial for a tanning company or a product before now. My latest competition, the TNT Muscle Showdown, using Muscle Metamorphosis’s services backstage was amazing, from the start of being looked after making sure skin pH was optimal, making all competitors feel comfortable, to the finish of the tan itself! I have never had such a beautiful stage tan that did not streak under the hot lights, washed off naturally and evenly, hardly came off on my sheets, and did not stain any of my clothes or my suit. And the best part? You did not smell like your typical backstage tanning product and my skin felt wonderful!

I hope I never have to use any other company for my stage tan again, as this company is simply amazing! No other company touches them.

I also purchased the sleep sack. The material was breathable, comfortable, and saved the hotel sheets from any mess, even though hardly any of my tan came off. I am so glad I purchased the sleep sack and will definitely be using it for all of my shows.

Chris Ash

Muscle Metamorphosis tanning, I can’t say enough about them.
Reg from Muscle Metamorphosis did an amazing job on my tan. The initial tan held through the night, not needing many touch ups. However, when I went for touch ups he did a full tan again. Even when my sandals took the tan off, he took me back in a third time.

Thank you Muscle Metamorphosis for making us look our best selves on stage and for supporting all athletes in their journeys.

Lots of love: Men’s Physique Athlete competitor #21 Chris Ash. Team Ignite

Katherine Dromparis

Muscle Metamorphosis made tanning for my first show absolutely seamless – I could not have been put in better hands. The entire process, from booking to touch ups, was well organized and executed. Gabi and the gang were so welcoming, professional, and meticulous. Being my first competition, the ladies made sure I was comfortable, answered all my questions without judgement, and reminded me of the post tan care that was required. I had so much fun during the whole process that I was actually looking forward to my tan touch ups on show day! And, of course, the colour was FLAWLESS!

Celia Koehler

Muscle Metamorphosis really came through for me. I was in a pinch – my current provider for tanning, hair, and makeup backed out last minute and I had nobody to do my tanning. To make matters worse, I suffer from folliculitis which doesn’t look good on stage. I was sure I wasn’t going to place well if I couldn’t get it covered.

Muscle Metamorphosis covered my leg blemishes so well that you couldn’t even see them on stage. Not at all. Not only that they got me in for tanning last minute and I came home with three 1st place medals and one 2nd place. One division that I competed in was my first competition at a stacked show.

I am so eternally grateful to Muscle Metamorphosis for coming through to me. You guys have no idea how much that meant to me. I am 100% going to use Muscle Metamorphosis every chance I get. You guys are amazing!!

Marilyn McFadden

I had such an easy experience with muscle metamorphosis. Every member of the team was friendly and professional. The tan itself was a beautiful, long-lasting color for stage, the days following, and completely weightless! The team really knew what they were doing for scheduling and touch ups. Exceptional work and I would definitely get tanned by them again!

Hermel Deluna

Muscle metamorphosis delivers an excellent service every time! Staff is always smiling and are very helpful with all the competitor’s needs! Thank you so much for everything!

Iman Gatti

From the moment I was greeted by the team members of Muscle Metamorphosis, to literally seconds before I stepped on stage, I received outstanding customer service and professionalism. As a fitness competitor, your look is everything and feeling confident that you are in the right hands with your tan, means the world!

I am blown away at not only the quality of colour, but also the quality of service and personal care that each technician provided to me. I felt so cared for and that brought a level of peace and relief that is truly priceless on such a special day. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience and tan!

Navjot Gill

I had the best experience with Muscle Metamorphosis. As it was my first competition, I was a bit nervous, but the staff made me feel so comfortable with everything. They are extremely professional. I had so many questions and they always answered my questions. I would definitely recommend them to all my friends and family for their services. Thank you again for making my experience pleasant.

John Mark Nicolet

You guys did a very good tan.

Dionne Babbitt

This was my first show, and I had no idea what to expect with the tanning. The ladies were so professional, and I felt comfortable. The quality of the tan exceeded my expectations and post show my tan is looking great. Thank you so much!

Sheri Wright

I love using Muscle Metamorphosis for my stage tan. They give me a beautiful tan and are quick, friendly, and professional! Gabi is the best!  Having them backstage on show day is such a stress reliever for any touch ups that are needed to make me look the best for stage!

Lee Ann Howe

My experience with Muscle Metamorphosis could be described as flawless and incredible. From communication for skin prep to show day, this professional team was nothing but amazing! Beyond pleased with my color and touch ups… couldn’t be happier!!

Traci Fisher

The team was amazing and made me comfortable, with a few giggles included, on this nerve-racking day 😊. Thank you for your service and the banter in our tents while drying.

Kalyn McIntyre

I wanted to thank you all for the wonderful experience backstage. Best tanning experience I’ve had at a show to date. I loved how organized you were and the attention to detail was second to none. Every woman on your team was friendly, fun & supportive. My tan was great and the post wash off tan is a natural tanned glow. Thank you for everything!

Ross Hankey

I’m a 52-year-old bodybuilder/ business owner, husband, and dad. On July 31, 2021, I entered the TNT Muscle Showdown as competitor#3. Muscle Metamorphosis, AGAIN what can I say, you are the best show tanning experience I’ve ever had! The atmosphere is light, the instructions are clear, questions are always answered, and the tan? Well, it definitely speaks for itself. Two days post show and I’m still fawning over the incredible look. The staff are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. They won’t let you leave until they are satisfied with their work. That says volumes about their ethic and quality standards. The end result with having this wicked tan. Gold grandmasters, masters, and a silver medal in the men’s open light heavyweight class. Thanks Muscle Metamorphosis for helping me achieve a dream!

Zach Mitchell

This was my first-time using Muscle Metamorphosis for a show. They are without a doubt some of the best people in the industry. Everyone was so friendly and helpful through the entire process. The product itself was amazing. My colour was perfect and was the best I’ve had to date. The team goes above and beyond for their clients, from your first coat until the end of the show, these guys are keeping you touched up and looking perfect the entire day. Between the customer service and a great product, you really can’t ask for anything more. I highly recommend them to anyone competing, appreciate everything guys. Thanks again!

Sherri Labant

I’d 100% recommend using Muscle Metamorphosis for tanning. I said so many times during and after the show that I was glad I chose them as they were so attentive during every step of my day. The multiple times I needed touch ups because of doing more than one class or even the time I got honey from my pre-workout on me (how even? I was sooo careful). They were sweet and professional, completely courteous and ran on time! Emails were sent to ensure proper pre-tan prep was taken prior to show and my tan was flawless. Thanks so much for making my day worry free!

Gerald Kerr

Thanks for the amazing color. Staff was great!! Couldn’t have asked for anything better. Very pleased. Color came off very even and nice, was a dream!

Photo Credit, with Gratitude to: David Aboody @david_twixpix