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IFBB Pro Nicki Chartrand

I guest posed at the 2019 TNT Muscle Showdown. When it comes to competition tans, Muscle Metamorphosis is leading the way with their exceptional customer service. I have vast experience with stage tanning but I have never experienced the level of customer service that Muscle Metamorphosis provided. They made me feel extremely comfortable and paid close attention to even the finest details. The process was efficient and comfortable. The colour on stage was absolutely beautiful.

I highly recommend Muscle Metamorphosis for your competition tanning needs.

IFBB Pro Tajh Howell

I won the overalls in both Men’s Physique and Classic Physique at the 2019 TNT Muscle Showdown. I had done 3 shows prior to that all over the world and I can honestly say from experience that Muscle Metamorphosis is one of, if not the most organized and professional tanning services I have ever used. Their scheduling was convenient, and the colour was perfect.

I highly recommend them for your next show!

Ryan Ternoway

I competed in the 2019 TNT Muscle Showdown. I just wanted to say that their product was amazing, the tans came out dark and perfect for stage lighting. I had a large tattoo covered and it looked incredible with the spray on cover up that was used. I’ve had a cover up done a few other times and nothing compared to this stuff. BUT just as importantly I have to say that the team that was put together was absolutely amazing and I mean every single person there was great to work with. They made me feel completely comfortable and that I was given full attention. Even after the tans when we were wandering around the team was helpful and went above and beyond. I just can’t say enough good things. I just really want to say thank you and I hope they will be at every show I do ha-ha. Best wishes.

Chris Trainberg

Amazing service and tan, flawless. They took their time and with all the extra touch up coats there was no way you could have a bad tan from them. I hope to be able to use Muscle Metamorphosis again in the future.

Suzanne Brownfield

I have to say this was my best backstage experience with tanning, sheening and bikini glue yet! My initial spray was quick, professional and full of laughter! My touch up was the same and I was totally at ease both times while being shot with cold spray in a depleted state lol! The girls were so amazing to work with. My sheen and bikini glue held for the entire show which was the first time ever! I usually have to go back several times for the bikini glue! 5 days later and my tan was still holding strong (I had a photo shoot, so this was SO appreciated!) and I was still getting a ton of compliments. Being in the female bodybuilding division my tan must be dark, but man do I love the colour I was given. I hope to have the privilege of using this team again – I am very impressed and thank them from the bottom of my heart!

Lori McCoy

I would like to start by saying I had a kick ass spray tan done by MM for my second competition show ever. They were very professional and extremely punctual. They offered touch ups with no waiting time. My tan lasted the entire day and it was a long day. I wore white and my suit hardly got stained from the product they used. I highly recommend them to do your tan if you have the chance. I will definitely use them for future shows.

Amanda Convery

The girls were great. They made you feel very comfortable. Even shared their own experiences on stage and made me look amazing. The tan was NOT orange at all, and services were fast.

Kimberly Hutton

Leading up to the TNT Muscle Showdown (my first competition), I received prompt answers to the questions sent forward to Muscle Metamorphosis. The booking process was easy, the service was efficient, and I was really happy with the tan itself! Thank you for being a part of my first show!

Ryan Malenchak

MM had me looking on point for the show! Fantastic job and the people were great to deal with

Jeff Klatt

I would have to say that my spray tan experience was really good! It went easy and very professional, right from the booking until the end of the competition. I felt that the tone and color was perfect, and it really helped show my physique to the fullest. The email reminders were very helpful, being clear and well explained, which made everything so much easier for me. The entire tanning crew were friendly, professional, fast, and extremely well-coordinated. I only had one other spray tan experience to compare this to. These two experiences were night and day. I was soooo much happier with my Muscle Metamorphosis experience. I don’t wish to put down the previous tanning service but, I will mention a few points that that I’m glad, I did or did not have this time. I’m glad that there was not the uncomfortable atmosphere of women and men being tanned together. I’m glad that my color was deep and rich, and NOT orange. I’m glad that I didn’t get blasted heavy in the face. Thanks again for making me look great!

Samantha Atkinson

This was my first competition and the girls from MM were super helpful. They gave me pointers on when to get ready and what I should be doing and overall truly boosted my confidence. Both Gabi and Heidi were professional, personable and most importantly they did an amazing job on my tan! It came out a gorgeous even colour, with no splotches or marks anywhere and when I needed touch ups, they were friendly and quick too!

Barbara Bairstow

MM was an incredible experience. The staff were professional and fun, and the quality of tan was unbelievable. The color was as perfect. It is absolutely my tan of choice. Thanks for an amazing experience. See you next year!

Cody Velders

I have been bodybuilding for about 6 years but start taking it seriously a year ago. I had a few friends that compete push me into taking a swing at competing because of the time and effort I was putting into it already. So, July 2018 I hired Asha from Team Excel to coach me on my new journey. I prepped for the following year getting ready to for the TNT Muscle Showdown 2019. I was new to everything that was happening, nervous a bit trying to make sure I didn’t miss a thing or mess up on anything. There were many things about the TNT show that made it a great experience for a new competitor. One of those things was the experience with getting spray tanned for the first time. For some people it may have been a big deal being that you must stand there in the nude or with a sock to cover up. No matter which direction you picked the employees that work for Muscle Metamorphosis were very professional. They were very helpful being that it was my first time and there were a few good laughs long the way as well. They had no problem fitting you in to do touch ups when you happened to mess up your tan a bit due to rubbing on clothing or washroom breaks. They were quick and very clear on what they needed you to do while you were getting sprayed. It was a very good experience being a new athlete to the sport and looking forward to working with them at future events. I will be back in 2020 for TNT Muscle Showdown again and hope to see them there!

Don Feser

Great experience with MM. A very organized team. They always knew what was going on regarding timing for tan and touch ups. The tanning product gave a very nice stage color, didn’t smell super bad and did not feel like you had a layer of paint on. I was very happy with the whole experience and would highly recommend them.

Lindsay Nicole Scott

I had the pleasure of getting my spray tan done by MM for the 2019 TNT Muscle Showdown. They were great in getting back to me with tanning details and ensured that I was well prepared prior to my tan. At the show, they took extra care and attention to make sure I looked my best on stage. I was so happy with how I looked that day, no doubt because of their skilled staff and great service. Thank you for everything!

Marilyn Rose

Amazing experience! First time competitor. First ever spray tan. Every person on this team was friendly and professional. These ladies were approachable, ready and able to answer all questions, and most importantly; their focus was having us stage ready!

Ayda Sirin

Everyone at MM was SUPER nice, friendly and professional. I was amazed too by the quality of the tanning. It looked natural and no weird coloring afterwards, it came out so easy without any blotches. They gave us plenty of time, no stress, and perfect touch ups. If you are doing a competition and need a spray tan, then Muscle Metamorphosis is the perfect choice!!

Kaitlyn Ross

The ladies were great and made the day a lot less stressful with how involved and hands on they were to make sure your tan was flawless and stage ready. Being as fair as I am, there was some concern on how the tan would turn out, but thanks to Muscle Metamorphosis and their expertise, they were on top of it. Thanks again ladies!

Marlys Wilson

Just look at that bronze glow! I’ve competed in my fair share of events and MM definitely came through with the top-notch spray tan, bikini glue and glaze services backstage. The MM team was efficient at getting all the competitors ready for the stage, while being very helpful and kind to everyone who came through. The tent set-up and spray tanning/touch up times worked to comfortably accommodate all male and female competitors.

Photo Credit, with Gratitude to: David Aboody @david_twixpix