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Mark Stephenson

I competed in the Men’s Masters Bodybuilding and the Men’s Open Super Heavyweight bodybuilding classes.  Muscle Metamorphosis was on the ball the entire process. Pre-scheduling and timing confirmation.  Flexibility when needed.  A keen eye for touch ups.  Not to mention the incredible color.  This way by far my best tanning experience and color to date.  Trust Muscle Metamorphosis with your next competition tanning, you won’t be disappointed! Thanks again.

Brandon Buss

Shout out to Muscle Metamorphosis for the great tan. The base coat went on so well and dried very quickly. When the morning and night show touch-ups came around there wasn’t much left to be done since the base was done so well. They were right on schedule with the time lines and had us in and out smoothly. The color turned out beautifully. Thanks for the great service Team Muscle Metamorphosis, hope to do it again soon!

Jacinta Bevan

You guys were fantastic! The crew definitely made me feel comfortable and happy. Any time I needed to come in you were available and the touch-ups were super. The staff really helped me to feel comfortable as a new comer to the sport. I really valued their personal touch and the humanity behind what they were doing. Tara, you made me feel welcome from the onset. I am forever grateful.

Angela LayBolt

As a first-time competitor and this being my very first show, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I followed my detailed skin prep instructions I received from Muscle Metamorphosis weeks prior, leaving my skin with the perfect base. The ladies were so nice and friendly and I couldn’t believe how quick the process went! I left after my first coat looking like a bronzed queen! After my second coat the next morning, I needed a touch up before finals that evening with NO PROBLEM! The girls catered to me and my tan was a flawless deep mahogany! I love supporting local businesses in the fitness industry and Muscle Metamorphosis is nothing short than a top-notch competition tanning company!

Suzanne Brownfiled

I have had the pleasure of using Muscle Metamorphosis for a couple bodybuilding competitions now and as usual, my expectations were met and exceeded!  All the people involved were extremely kind and professional and seemed to put all the competitors at ease!   The spray tan itself was fantastic! A nice, even color and I almost didn’t need a second coat but always err on the side of caution so I did get one.  I still had a nice even tan 3 days post comp!  The bikini biting and muscle sheen process was seamless and I felt confident that my suit wouldn’t shift or ride when on stage, which is so important.  I am very happy with my overall experience and would not hesitate to recommend Muscle Metamorphosis to anyone who wants a worry-free experience on stage day!

Nick Frattin

Thank you so much! I had an amazing experience at the TNT2.0 event. Tanning was on point and everyone was super helpful and nice. I am very pleased with how everything went. Thank you again!

Devlin Heslehurt

I had such an amazing experience with Muscle Metamorphosis for this competition. Not only was the color immaculate, but the girls that were making things happen were incredible. They were, not only incredibly professional, but all so incredibly kind and helpful throughout the entire process. If given the opportunity I will not go through any other company for my tanning for as long as I am a competitor.

Tracy Collins

This was my first competition… my first everything! The team at Muscle Metamorphosis made me feel so comfortable. Their energy was contagious. If you get a chance to work with them do not hesitate. Lovely humans. Oh and the tan, the tan was amazing and I felt beautiful! Thank you so much everyone for making my first show incredible!!!!MM had me looking on point for the show! Fantastic job and the people were great to deal with

Isaiah Argueta-Villalta

The Muscle Metamorphosis team was nothing but good energy from the music and lights, to providing a super relaxed and comfortable environment! They did a wonderful job of making sure my tan looked the best it could for my big day! The whole team was super friendly and kind. I have never had that much fun chatting with the tanning team while drying. It was great atmosphere and all a fantastic experience! I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation!

Tracy Augot

It was a great experience for my first time.  I learned a lot and can only grow from here

Savannah Silver

I had an amazing experience with the tanning team. Everyone was so helpful and I loved my color show day. I received lots of compliments

Tara Guthrie

Muscle Metamorphosis did a great job in providing a nice, even tan and they were efficient at touch-ups. Every concern or question I had was answered, and they were a great crew to talk to. Definitely a thumbs up experience!

Noah Clark

Coming into my first show ever I had no idea what to expect but the crew at Muscle Metamorphosis made my experience one I’ll never forget. This crew took care of me from the moment I walked in the doors until the final goodbye. I couldn’t be happier to have been in the their hands!!

Sam Ferc

I would like to share this great experience I had over the TNT2.0 weekend with a great Muscle Metamorphosis team. They were fantastic, friendly people, and easy to deal with. They helped all the time with a great attitude.  They are full of energy all day. 100%!!

Jackie Perchaluk 

As a first-time fitness competitor I had no idea what to expect heading into my tanning session. Right from the start of my appointment with Muscle Metamorphosis it was a positive experience. The staff explained how the tanning process was going to work and were very professional & friendly.

Jeff Tenney

I would just like to give a huge shout out to Muscle Metamorphosis for the perfect tan and amazing experience!!!  Everyone was very helpful and kind and made me feel like I was part of the family! Thanks for all that you did.  I definitely will be using your company next time I step on the stage!! Best of the best!

Trent Larson

Huge shoutout to Muscle Metamorphosis for an amazing tan. It got darker from first spray on Friday and as Friday night turned into Saturday show day. It didn’t run, streak or come off during the night. My touch up tan Saturday morning was minimal, and my touch up tan before the evening show was almost not required. THE best tan I have had in my 13 years of competing. As of Monday after the tan, I was still dark, after multiple showers. Thank you Muscle Metamorphosis!

Olenka Slickman

I really enjoyed Muscle Metamorphosis, the staff were very kind and made the experience enjoyable and not awkward at all which was nice! They made sure that all the competitors were touched up when needed and it definitely took a lot of stress off of us which was great. I had an awesome experience and can’t wait to use their services again soon!

Tatiana Onyschtschuk

I had a fantastic experience working with Muscle Metamorphosis for my second show! They were professional and operated very efficiently and were typically ahead of schedule. They were happy to help with touch ups throughout the day with no issues. They definitely helped make show day less stressful for me! Thanks team!

Hélène Déry Fisher

Set the mind and the body will believe! My motto to better myself at the age of 67. The perfect Positive Storm: Hard work, great coach, a great venue with awesome staff from tanning (to make me shine) and the friendliness of everyone around. Thank you so much for being part of my winning weekend.

Chad Klein

One of, if not, the best competition tan I’ve had. I had so many compliments on the color, texture and how long it lasted. They were all so extremely professional and made the experience extremely comfortable. Can’t wait to work with them again.

Ryan Killy

Muscle Metamorphosis gave me the best competition tan ever and made the experience great. They took care of us from start to finish.

Kyle Pottie

Using Muscle Metamorphosis tanning services for this over-the-top TNT2.0 event was the icing on the cake for me this past weekend. I’ve never been in such a relaxing and enjoyable show atmosphere before. The tanning crew took the load of the mind needed to come in with your frame of mind and highlighting your best work for stage. The Muscle Metamorphosis team killed this! Very friendly, efficient and made for ease getting it done. The attention to detail and the timely service allowed me to focus on my game and my success in this show, the way it should be for all competitors when it’s show time. Thanks for all you do!!   All the Best one rep and spray tan at a time!

Nicole Fenske

Muscle Metamorphosis made my first show experience amazing!! Not only did they deliver a beautiful color on my skin, they were very professional and helpful!! Any questions I had they were there.  Thank you for being an amazing team!!!

Photo Credit, with Gratitude to: David Aboody @david_twixpix