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Tan Applicator Mitt


Tan applicator mitt is the most luxurious plush velvety mitt ever for applying self tanners and bronzers streak-free and flawlessly!

This mitt has the water-resistant lining inside to keep your hands completely clean. Smooth even results with every application.

Tan Applicator Mitt is perfectly designed to fit the shape of the palm and will not slip off your hand. In addition, the thumb design gives you extra control in keeping the applicator in place while applying self tanning lotion, mousse, mist.

Not only that, it is a double sided mitt that allows you to be flexible to use it on either hand to apply self tanner. Tan Applicator Mitt is carefully sewn and adopts the highest quality stitch structure to ensure high durability. Also very easy to clean. Just wash the tanning applicator mitt with soap, water, and air-dry.

Directions for Use: Apply self tanning product to the mitt. Massage evenly into skin until product is evenly distributed.
The mitt should be hand washed in warm soapy water after each use and air dry after use so you can use again and again.

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