Spray Tan Sleep Sac

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Protect linens at home or hotels from your spray tan
100% Cotton, breathable, silky soft, durable and easy wash’n dry
6.9” x 3.8”/210 cm x 115 cm
Portable & easy to pack and travel with aprox. 9”x9” weight 575 g

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5 reviews for Spray Tan Sleep Sac

  1. Kim Gramlich

    I have competed for many years, and this was the first time I woke up with zero issues from sheets affecting my competition tan. This set was well worth the money, I would not hesitate to buy this if you are thinking about it. The material is super comfortable against your skin!

    • MM

      Thank you for the feedback – the material is pretty soft and comfortable!!

  2. Jennifer R

    I bought this Sleep Sac for the TNT Muscle Showdown competition. It was the best thing I ever purchased. No more having to bring my own sheets… It’s Super Soft, breathable and comfortable. My tan was perfect when I woke up so it’s great for not ruining your tan while you sleep. I will be using this every competition I do.
    Most of all it’s easy to pack, small enough to fit in suitcase and takes up very little room. Overall I highly recommend it to anyone competing. You’ll be happy you go this.

    • MM

      Thank you Jennifer, happy to supporting you even when you are at other events. Best of luck!!

  3. Jennifer R

    I purchased the tan extender and body wash.. My tan 4 days later still looked awesome!
    The body wash smells so good,.and you skin feels silky smooth..

    The tan extender works. Very well no streaks or uneven areas.. I would purchase both products again in a heartbeat.

    • MM

      Thank you Jennifer. Isn’t the smell so good!!!

  4. Bethany Miller

    I purchased the Sleep Sac for my first competition and I’m so glad I did! It was easy to pack and simple to set up and use. It was also super comfortable and soft. My tan didn’t rub off at all throughout the night and the best part is, it didn’t ruin any hotel sheets!

    • MM

      I am glad you liked it and found it a value add to the whole experience Muscle Metamorphosis provided.

  5. Bella Harrison

    This is the most incredible gift set.. for yourself or others! The quality is incredible and it’s super soft! Definitely would highly recommend!

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