Virtual Metamorphosis Achievement Recognition 2023

2023’s Campaign is NOW Launched

Muscle Metamorphosis Inc, a Certified service provider has coordinated a Recognition of Achievement based on one’s “metamorphosis” story, which has landed you in the pursuit to compete with the Canadian Physique Alliance (“CPA”). This virtual recognition achievement opportunity is free to enter and open to all Canadian residents.

This recognition is NOT based on the criteria of how one is judged on stage for competition or the amount of weight lost, but strictly based on the greatness of achievement and the challenges overcome to achieve an overall healthy lifestyle.  Tell your story in a video. Recipient will present the most staggering metamorphosis, but not limited to physicality.

We are looking for:

Physical Change
Mental Change
Spiritual Change
Lifestyle Change
LIFE Change
Health Change
Some or all of the above

The recipient of this recognition will not necessarily be the top physique for competition or have lost the most weight, but rather the one with the biggest metamorphosis or the most transformational story behind getting on stage and the willingness to share it.

The intention of this recognition process is to offer a cathartic opportunity to share your story virtually, inspire others, boost moral, encourage and motivate the community.  The Achievement Recognition Package is compiled to support the pursuit of competing.

Muscle Metamorphosis TNT Competition Tan 
TNT Muscle Showdown 1 Class Registration
CPA Magazine Feature Opportunity
Caba Fashions Posing Suit & Accessory Pkg (M/F as applicable)
Summer-Glow Beauty Discounted TNT HMU (M/F as applicable)
Centre Stage Virtual Posing Session w/IFBB Pro Tamen Ewasiuk (Females Only)
Supplement World $200 Gift package
David Aboody @david_twixpix TNT Stage photos 
Attendance at the TNT Muscle Posedown Seminar April 30, 2023
Total over an $900 value

  • Event related package items expire July 1, 2023 unless otherwise specified when received 
  • Tanning and Registration can be extended till TNT’s 2024 event upon request
  • All items in this package are non-transferrable
  • Details on each item provided in the recipient’s recognition package on delivery

State North Apparel $20 gift card
Muscle Metamorphosis Tank Tops jointly sponsored by Muscle Metamorphosis and State North Apparel $30 value

To submit your story, please provide the following:

  • In 9 minutes or less please tell your story in a video (mandatory).  You may supplement the video with a written submission only if necessary.  Keep the video simple, speak into the camera, or overlay your voice story over a slide show of photos.  DO NOT create fancy borders, use music or create a written introduction slide.  We will take care of the introduction and conclusion putting in your before and after photos, requested below, at the end of the story for continuity.  Verbalize your story, in your own way.  The submission doesn’t have to be eloquent, just tell the good old fashioned truth.  Fumbling over your words is not a big deal, the story is!  Speak about not only the physical elements but the emotional, spiritual and/or impact to those you care about in your life.  Dig in!  If you need some examples visit @musclemetamorphosis Reels and watch previous submissions for inspiration.
    Upload the video to drop box to if it is too big to email.
  • 2-3 references to support the story with name, relationship, cell number and email.
  • Before and after photograph(s) in a jpeg format.  Multiple photos may be submitted, but may not all be used.  There is no time frame requirement on the before & after photos however the after photo must reflect your current physical state.  Any professional photographs provided must have a consent to use from the photographer provided with them.  We will provide photo credit as appropriate on professional photos.
  • Your Instagram handle.
  • Follow these Instagram pages to secure your eligibility:
  • Mandatory Waiver/Release form will be provided for submissions to execute.

Email all information requested to

By submitting your story, you are consenting to the use of your story, name, information, video and photos in a public forum, including but not limited to social media and publication in the CPA Magazine.

Likes, shares and comments will be counted as part of the overall impression as to how the story is impacting the community, however this is NOT a popularity contest.

The recipient will be selected by Muscle Metamorphosis. No CPA official judges play a role in the selection of the recipient.  There is no advancement or further qualifications within the CPA tier system provided in conjunction with this recognition.  The recipient will be announced online and contacted personally.


Submissions are NOW being accepted.

Deadline to submit will be February 28, 2023 EXTENDED TO MARCH 8 MIDNIGHT

Entries will be posted every other day commencing the week after, until all entries have been posted.  The recipient will be announced, no later than 10 calendar days after the last submission has been posted.

Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns.