Spray Tanning Services

Will be provided at the host hotel and/or venue, on site and at your service. We are the ONLY tanning service provider permitted on site at events where we are the event exclusive, official tanner.


Luxurious Colour

An intense dark mahogany colour infused with nourishing botanicals to enhance your muscle definition, body contours and nurture your skin. Dries in minutes, practically odourless and suitable for all skin types.



Support your local Alberta tanner. We are proud to be part of your metamorphosis.

About Us

Muscle Metamorphosis is an officially certified and trained tanning service provider.  Muscle Metamorphosis was created to provide grass roots quality service for the community, for you. 

As a bodybuilding judge, executive, promoter and competitor, the founder was tired of less then adequate experiences backstage and deficient tans displayed on stage. She decided to build her own team to ensure premium service and color at her events.  Her team brings decades of experience in many facets of the bodybuilding industry, each facet is drawn from to create your experience with Muscle Metamorphosis. 

The bottom line is they have all been there, they get it, service is the number one priority and they will not only apply your colour but support you with that first-hand experience.  This partnered with a premium dark, rich color formulation on your side, your competition stage tan will present your best physique for the judges.  Just read the testimonials!!

Muscle Metamorphosis is seasoned, certified and ready to provide that flawless look on stage.  They are committed to making sure your color is perfect, your glaze is smooth and even, and your suit is glued in place.  They will make sure you are taken care of right down to every little detail in a positive environment.   It is important to Muscle Metamorphosis to create a positive experience backstage as you take a final deep breath, adjust your shoulders and step on stage.  

They are there to make sure you can exude your full confidence, owning your space on stage like no other.  They take pride in being part of your metamorphosis on stage.